RM Brawl

RM Brawl is a balance mod for Age of Empires. Its focus is at Random map mode with normal resource amount.

Matchups are now more balanced with each civilizations having some bonuses at Tool Age.

Bronze age unit choices aren’t any longer limited to a one unit. Fast units are best at early Bronze Age for raiding and exploring whereas slow units have longer build path but become much more powerful in masses.

Iron Age units have been balanced to give all units different strengths and power times.
Scythe Chariot is now weaker unit but has cheaper upgrade cost making it great early Iron Age choice but then falling off at mid Iron Age before coming strong again once all gold is depleted.
Cataphract and Heavy Horse Archer are great for mid Iron Age plays, high speed makes them great for raiding as well as taking advantageous fights whenever enemy isn’t grouped.
Cheap and fast built Barracks grant strong forward plays with Legions, they can push through heavy tower and archer defenses, low cost per unit allows great map awareness leaving no corner unturned.
Armored Elephants and Centurions have most power and can be used effectively to level up enemy bases, these units are most effective when there is only one way to go.

The single unit, single strategy civilization bonuses have been removed in favor of smaller bonuses for larger groups of units to allow more strategic choices in game.

This mod is made for Steam version of Age of empires Definitive Edition and Age of Empires Unofficial Patch. Both files can be downloaded from the button below.